Monday, June 17, 2019
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Bugs Off Detailing Pads

Awesome Products Corp.
130 Corridor Rd. Unit 130
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32004
United States
904-280-1499 (Main Phone)
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8:30 AM to 5 PM EST
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Our Bugs Off® Detailing Pads are made to clean an entire vehicle using only soap & water, removing dirt, grime, bugs, road tar, bird droppings, etc., even light to moderate over spray as you are washing, replacing all other products including an expensive and time consuming clay bar, while achieving the same results. They are unique in the industry in that they are safe for all vehicle surfaces when used with car wash soap & water:
• Paint
• Clear coat
• Plastic
• Graphics
• Metal
• Glass
• Wraps

Unlike a clay bar which requires a lubricant, is slow to use, expensive, needs to be throw away if dropped, only cleans about 2 cars, can’t be used on glass, plastic head light covers, etc., our pads are reusable, easy to clean if dropped, and are safe to use on all vehicle surfaces, saving your company time and money. Our customers state they can re-use the Bugs Off® Detailing Pad 20 to 25 times

Achieve detailing results as you just wash! This way you just wash a vehicle once to totally clean it before giving it back to the customer.
Unlike clay bars our pads are reusable and easy to clean if dropped, saving you time and money. Customers report they get 20 to 25 washings from each pad and they are so easy to use.

The better, faster way to achieve clay bar detailing results (without all the work of a clay bar).

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